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How can I register for the course?

After the review period all accepted applicants will be informed and will receive an e-mail, indicating all steps for registration.

As soon as the acceptance status has been set by the organizers applicants can find a link "Registration after Acceptance" in their account. Please log in to your account!

Can I withdraw my registration?

As soon as you have submitted your final registration (i.e. you have gone through the application process, been selected by the course reviewers, and further accepted your slot on the course), you cannot withdraw it yourself. Please inform us immediately if you need to withdraw, by contacting e-mail.

If the costs of your travel ticket have already been incurred at the time of cancellation, you will need to reimburse the costs for cancellation of the ticket yourself. The amount depends on the transportation company and their conditions for cancellation.

Can I take a special service for the flight?

The use of the travel funds is strictly regulated, and we hope you understand that if you want to use a special service for the flight, e.g. first class flight or special seats, we will be unable to fund the extra costs.

Can I arrive later or depart earlier on a course?

In principle, this is not possible - but in exceptional circumstances, you should contact the course coordinator and ask beforehand whether this is allowed.

I cannot find "Register after Acceptance"

If you do not see the "Register after Acceptance" button there could be two reasons why:

1. You have already processed the registration for another course.
Once you are registered for one course, the link "Register after Acceptance" disappears and there will be two other links:
"Access Your Participation Registration Details" and "Register" for Another Course".

For registration please click on "Register for Another Course", select the corresponding course and follow the registration instructions.

2. You are not accepted for the course, yet.
Registration for a course is only possible after being accepted.

I missed my flight / train / bus - what shall I do?

Please always make sure that you start your journey early enough and keep in mind that there might be a delay due to circumstances which are out of your control.

In case you miss your flight or any other mean of transportation, please try to find another connection and inform us immediately by phone (+49 531 596-2681) or e-mail about the delay.

If you cannot get any connection and, thus, cannot make use of the travel ticket we can, unfortunately, not offer a second ticket. A further ticket must be funded by yourself.

If the delay is self-inflicted we reserve the right to bill you for the costs of travel and accommodation. Delay due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. strike, closure of services) must be proven and will not be charged.

I need a letter of invitation for my visa

Your course coordinator can provide an official invitation letter for your supervisor. Please note that this letter can only be submitted at the final stage (i.e. after your application has been reviewed and accepted, and you have confirmed your slot on the course.


For courses to be held in Germany, all participants will receive the Letter of Invitation for visa application. The course coordinators will provide it after the registration deadline, when all requested details have been submitted by the participants.

Do I get a confirmation of participation?

The course certificate, provided by the course leader, will act as your confirmation of participation. If you have specific needs in regard to confirmation of participation, please consult your course coordinator in advance.

Where can I find my registration status?

If you want to be sure that you have successfully submitted your Registration and all requested travel details you you just have to log in to your account. After registration futher links can be found:

  • Access Your Participation Regristation Details
  • Registration Confirmation.

Click on "Access your Participation Registration Details and you will find all Details you have submitted.

Will pictures be taken during the course?

Yes, during the course, pictures of group work situations will be taken by the course leader for different purposes. Besides a documentation and part of the report to the sponsors, we will usually also add some pictures to our webpage.

With your registration, you also agree to be photographed. If you do not want to be photographed or if you do not want your photographs to show online, please inform us beforehand.


Photographs and/or film footage will betaken at our events These images will be used by the in the following ways:

  • The group’s printed publicity and reports
  • The online publicity (including Facebook and Twitter) of SPACES II
  • The SPACES II printed publicity (e. g. reports)
  • Shared with group members for personal use only
  • Shared with the following third party organisations for use in their printed and online publicity (including Facebook and Twitter)
    - the course coordinating institution
    - the course project
    - the sponsors (BMBF, PT-DLR, PT-Jülich)
    - Thünen Insittute

Photos / Films will be stored securely and will not be kept for longer than they are needed for the purposes listed above.

If you would prefer not to be photographed, please speak send an email to beforehand or inform the course leader during the course.
If you would like to see your images, or would like us to delete them, please contact us or the course coordinator.

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