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Are there course fees?

Generally, the training programme is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), and for this reason, there are no course fees and we can offer a certain number of funded slots.

For those participants receiving a funded slot for the course, the funding is limited to costs for basic travel (flight, bus, shuttle or in exceptional cases rental vehicle) to course site and back, basic accommodation (typically in shared rooms for two people) and simple catering (usually coffee breaks and lunch) during course days.

Please note that no costs of accommodation or travel booked by participants without prior agreement with course organisers can be reimbursed. This means that if you want to stay at a different accommodation than provided by course organisers, we will be unable to reimburse the costs.


Does the programme offer scholarships to cover my travel and course costs?

For most courses, there are a limited number of fully funded (i.e. travel and accommodation paid) slots available for participants. Please follow the instructions carefully on how to apply for one of these slots and what the criteria are.

Which costs do I have to pay myself?

Participants accepted for a funded slot do not have to pay for agreed travel and accommodation. All costs for additional services e. g. special seat, meals which are not included in program or any item for your personal needs are not included. Participants have also to fund the visa themselves. Visa costs may be reimbursed only when this has been agreed with the coordinating team beforehand

Please note that we generally cannot cover any costs which not have been agreed with us beforehand.

Do I have to reimburse when I withdraw my registration

This depends on when and why you have to withdraw your registration.

You can always withdraw your application before the review process has finished, and/or before you have confirmed your accepted slot on the course.

If you cancel after acceptance but before we have booked any ticket or accommodation for you, similarly no costs will be charged.

In the case you withdraw your attendance after we have booked accommodation or travel, you may need to pay cancellation fees, unless proven reasons that are outside your control (e.g. unable to travel due to closure of airports). The amount due depends on the cancellation fees of the accommodation facility and transportation company.

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