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Intercultural Communication & Competencies

Course dates: 15th - 18th August 2022

The application period has ended, all applicants have been informed about the review result.

No prerequisites, except association to SPACES II research and an interest in the topic. Students, PhD students and researchers at all stages are welcome

Course facilitator: Co-Create Change Consultancies: Ben Schernick & Wendy Huschfieldt

Coordinating university/institution: University of Potsdam, Dirk Lohmann


Location: Heja Game Lodge, Windhoek, Namibia

Target group:
Students, early-career researchers

Topic and course description:

Working in an intercultural context is mostly fun and a learning experience that widens our horizon. However, working in international teams with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds naturally presents various challenges. Differences in cultural norms, value systems, privileges, expectations, and communication styles, as well as language barriers and how we all experience the world differently tends to – often unintentionally – disturbs us and can derail communication and cooperation, and sometimes even escalate into full-blown conflicts.

In this 4-day course participants will learn in very practical and experiential ways about typical insights and challenges around intercultural communication in the context of international cooperation, while also having the opportunity to reflect on and work with very specific issues they may be facing in their professional working environment. Critical and constructive self-reflection on one’s own perspective and practical exercises will be at the heart of this interactive workshop designed to promote introspection and enhance interpersonal communication. This experience will potentially alter and enrich your views and opinions on how you see and interact with the world.

Participation is free of chage. Travel costs (flight economy class), accommodation, meals and workshop fees are 100 % covered.











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